Invisalign Braces In HSR Layout, Bangalore

Orthodontic treatment is the correction of crooked/maligned teeth. Orthodontic treatment is provided by a certified Specialist Orthodontist who has trained to handle different malocclusions.

Orthodontic treatment in HSR Layout, Bangalore corrects a wide variety of malocclusion like spacing between teeth, crowding, open bite, deep bite, cross-bite.

Most patients are always concerned about the duration of the orthodontic treatment. The duration of the orthodontic treatment depends upon multiple factors. An orthodontist can estimate the treatment duration once the initial assessment is done. Normally orthodontic treatment is between 12- 15 months on average. This duration depends upon the severity of the malocclusion, if the case requires extraction, maintenance of braces during the course of the treatment by the patient.

When the initial consultation is done and you want to chose which braces suit you the best, you will have wide options starting from traditional metal braces to the most advanced self-ligation braces. The most advanced technology in braces is the invisible aligners.

Whichever braces you chose, the end result will be the same. All it matters is how you will get to the end result. Branded braces will have an accurate in-built prescription in the braces, Smooth finishes so that it does not hurt your gums or cheeks, higher fracture resistance in ceramic braces hence the cost of branded braces will be higher.

Traditional Metal Braces

Traditional Metal Braces

Traditional metal braces have been used for decades for orthodontic treatment. In traditional metal braces, the wire is engaged into the bracket using an elastic module or a steel ligature. This caused friction and the tooth movement was slower. The elastic module which was used to secure the wire into the brackets attracted food particles and was difficult to maintain oral hygiene during the course of orthodontic treatment. This in turn caused inflammation of gums and cavities due to lack of maintenance during orthodontic treatment. To overcome friction, more force was applied which caused considerable pain and discomfort to the patient.

To Overcome this problem, Self ligation braces were introduced. Self Ligation braces have reduced friction during orthodontic treatment. As there is no need of an elastic module or steel ligature for securing the wire, oral hygiene can be maintained better due to less accumulation of food particles around braces.

Ceramic Self-Ligation Braces

Ceramic Self-Ligation Braces

If you are conscious about the looks with braces, you can opt for ceramic self-ligation braces like Damon clear braces. Damon Clear self-ligation Braces will be hardly visible during the orthodontic treatment. Damon clear Self-ligation braces do not change color during the course of the orthodontic treatment and looks neat till the end of the orthodontic treatment.

Ceramic Self Ligation Braces

The cost of braces in Bangalore varies. The cost of the Orthodontic treatment depends on the experience of the orthodontist, the Quality of the treatment provided, quality of the materials used during the orthodontic treatment.

The cost of Traditional metal braces starts at Rs 40,000 at Braceport Dentistry, Bangalore. The cost of Damon metal Self-ligation braces is Rs 80,000. The cost of Damon Ceramic Self ligation braces is Rs 90,000. Payment towards the orthodontic treatment can be paid in EMI up to 10 months, after initial payment according to the cost of braces selected.

Invisalign Braces in HSR Layout

The most Advanced braces are the invisible aligners. Invisible aligners like Invisalign uses series of plastic trays to correct the malocclusion. Invisalign Aligners are removable and virtually invisible during the course of the treatment. Orthodontic treatment using these invisible clear aligners can cost from Rs 150000 – Rs 350000. Currently, there are plenty of options available for these invisible clear aligner braces in the market now. But Invisalign Clear aligners provide the best results. Invisalign braces cost in Bangalore ranges from Rs 1,50,000 – Rs 3,50,000. Invisalign Braces cost varies according to the severity of malocclusion which the patient presents with.

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