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Keeping up good oral health is indispensable and not a matter to be taken casually. As per medical advice, you must get your dental cleaning done once every six months. Your teeth may seemingly seem clean. But, still, do visit your doctor for your oral health check-up because dental problems such as tooth decay and other gum diseases are generally hard to detect in the initial stage.
By brushing daily, you might be able to clean your teeth. But when the food particles stuck in your teeth react with saliva, a soft, sticky, and bacteria-swarmed film is formed called plaque. Eventually, this plaque transforms into a hard deposit called tartar. It harbours bacteria in your teeth. Now, you can in no way remove this on your own. To help you out, our dental scientists are always at your beck and call.

At Braceport Dentistry, we work to give our patients the best dental cleaning experience. Come and see it for yourself!

Here's how we at the best teeth cleaning dental clinic in HSR Layout conduct the cleaning process.

Our dental hygienist diagnoses all the ins and outs of your gum health before getting into the cleaning process.

Using a small mirror, our specialized dentist would look for dental concerns such as inflamed gums. If he finds any, the issue would instantly be resolved to proceed further.
He would thereafter scrape the tartar stacked between your teeth and gum line using a scaler.
Now, to ensure your teeth are entirely tartar-free, our dentist would brush your teeth using a high-powered electric brush and a toothpaste that has a gritty consistency.
Therefore comes the process of dental flossing, done with the intention to find out if your gum bleeds at any part.
Finally, your teeth will be rinsed using liquid fluoride.

What cleaning techniques do we follow for an Affordable Teeth Cleaning in HSR Layout?

Gross debridement: We perform this deep cleaning on patients with excessive tartar as they visit us after a considerable time.

Prophylaxis cleaning: This routine cleaning method is for patients who regularly get their oral check-ups done and generally have a healthy oral condition.

Periodontal maintenance: Patients with periodontitis are recommended this cleaning method in which complete mouth cleaning is done frequently.

Scaling and Root Planning : This is the deep cleaning method of removing hardened plaque in patients with swollen gums and bleeding gums.