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Root Canal Therapy is the process of removing the inflamed pulp (soft inner part of the teeth) caused by infection due to bacterial accumulation in an untreated cavity. This endodontic treatment involves the cleaning and disinfection of the tooth and sealing of the infected area to restore the teeth rather than removing them. Braceport, Best Root Canal Clinic in HSR Layout, aims to provide the most painless root canal treatment you might have never experienced before.

How do we Perform the Treatment Process at our Root Canal Dental Clinic In HSR Layout?

At first, our dentists anesthetize the infected tooth and the surroundings using local anesthetics like nitrous oxide, oral sedatives, or intravenous sedation.
Secondly, he places a rubbery dam on the particular dental area to ensure the teeth remain dry during treatment.
Thirdly, the dentist created a tiny access hole on the teeth crown.
Now it is the step of removing the infected tissue, blood vessels, and nerves using the dental instrument.
Next, he cleans, disinfects, and shapes the root canal.
Therefore, the dentist fills the empty tooth canals with a rubber-like dental material called gutta-percha.
Then, the tooth is sealed using a temporary dental filling to save the canals from being damaged by saliva.
Finally, a permanent, custom-made dental crown is placed on the tooth after the healing process.

Visit us for Root Canal Treatment in HSR Layout when you find the following

Swollen jaw.
Puffy and swollen gum.
When you feel pain in your teeth after eating or drinking anything hot or cold.
Darker tooth color.
An unnatural and prolonged tooth pain.
When you find pus of filthy smell coming out from pimples on your gum.

Braceport’s Secret to Success

A natural, gorgeous smile is one of Braceport's top priorities. We offer comprehensive dental services at an affordable price to every patient who visits our dental center. Get the assistance you need from Braceport to maintain a healthy smile.
Braceport Dentistry is dedicated to providing exceptional and personalized dental care. We are committed to keeping you healthy. Braceport delivers the highest level of dental care and treatment using the most advanced technology and equipment available. At every step of the procedure, we consider each patient's needs. Our sterilization standards ensure safety. In Braceport, you will find a team of dental specialists trained in the USA and Germany - cosmetic dentists, endodontists, orthodontists, dental implantologists, oral and maxillofacial surgeons, and the best dentists for Root Canal treatment in hsr layout.