Best Paediatric Dentistry in HSR Layout, Braceport, is concerned about the little ones too!

Braceport Dentistry has been a leading Paediatric Dental Clinic in HSR Layout for years now. Our approach to children’s dental care is a distinguished one. Our uncompromising attitude to quality service has made us the Best Pediatric Dentistry in HSR Layout. We choose the most avant-garde technology and best quality equipment to address your child’s dental problems and keep those at bay. Your child is sure to feel at ease in our clinic’s joyful and playful environment. Our highly trained dentists skillfully treat patients with emotional, physical and mental disabilities as well.

Modern parents these days tend to be much concerned about their kid’s oral care. It is justified because if their milk teeth get dental caries, it might cause prolonged suffering. Hence, it is essential to teach your children an oral hygiene routine.  Braceport dentistry is ready to aid those smart moms in their effort.

What services does this Best Kids Dental Clinic in HSR Layout offer?

  1. Orthodontic services: this is the procedure of aligning your child’s non-aligned teeth. Generally, when your child reaches the age of 7 years, when their lower central incisors start erupting, you need to get your child’s first orthodontic treatment done. We have designed a straightforward and innovative approach to this service.
  2. Space Maintainer: When your child’s milk teeth are often lost earlier than usual, the permanent teeth erupt incorrectly. So, our dentists at Braceport place artificial teeth or acrylic blocks made of stainless steel or plastic. These removable or fixed space maintainers keep us the necessary space between teeth.
  3. Sealants: This is a preventive for cavities in the first permanent teeth of your child. It reduces the risk of cavities in the sealed teeth.
  4. Crowns: Our dentists use stainless steel crowns and cellulose crowns on children’s teeth. The first one restores the largely decayed primary molar, while the latter restores the anteriorly decayed incisor.    

Fluoride Treatment: This treatment helps in the remineralisation of your child’s teeth to save them from cavities and tooth decay.