Corrective Jaw Surgery or Orthognathic Surgery in Bangalore

Jaw surgery helps to the correction of jaw irregularities, realignment of the jaws with teeth, and to improve the elegant appearance of the patient. Orthognathic Surgery in Bangalore refers to a type of jaw surgery that can solve the minor and major defects in a patient’s jaw structure. Jaw surgery is required when orthodontic treatment is not enough to correct the defects or to improve the appearance of the patient’s face. These treatments are used to treat small jaw/ overgrown jaw or asymmetric jaw growth. Patients who undergo accurate jaw surgery witness a drastic improvement in chewing, swallowing, and overall functioning related to the jaws issues.

Also, patients who suffer from Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) due to the smaller jaws and narrow airways will benefit from Braceport Dentistry advancement surgery. This surgery will help the patient’s airway size and help them breathe better. This surgery has shown the greatest benefit in patients with moderate to severe sleep apnea.

Braceport Dentistry team has been trained extensively in orthognathic surgeries with performing numerous complicated surgeries under expert guidance. Good teamwork is necessary to plan and execute these surgeries. The team involves a surgeon, orthodontist, and general dentist as per requirement. Jaw surgery in HSR Layout is generally performed after the age of 18 years.