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Providing quality services has been the cornerstone of Braceport Dentistry's success. At Braceport Dentistry, our team of highly skilled dental professionals ensures that your treatment and care are tailored to your specific needs. We are committed to healing you. In Braceport, we use the most current dental equipment and technology. With our patient-centered approach to care, we provide high-quality dentistry services. The sterilization process we follow is state-of-the-art so that you can relax.

How Can Braceport Dentistry Assist You?

Dental implants can be customized for each patient based on their unique needs and jawbone health.

Single-Stage Implant

A long implant is surgically inserted into a patient's jaw in this implant procedure. In this case, the implant would remain on the jawbone while the top would remain exposed. After months of healing, implant restorations and abutments are attached to implants without surgical intervention.

Two-Stage Implant

It involves inserting the implant into the jawbone and stitching up the gum tissue to hold it in place. We will expose the implant and attach the abutment and restoration via a minor surgical procedure.

Endosteal (Endosseous) Implant

The simplest implant method is worth trying if your jawbone is healthy. In this procedure, screw-shaped or cylinder-shaped posts are placed on the jaw in place of dentures or bridges. These posts are called endosteal implants.

Zygomatic Implant

When the jawbone is weak and the implant cannot be placed in it, we usually put it on the cheekbone instead. This complex implant procedure is called Zygomatic Implant.

Subperiosteal Implant

When patients do not have enough jawbone, we place the implant under the gum but above the jawbone. Following this, the restoration is mounted to a metal frame under the gum.

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Dental Implants:
A prolonged lack of concern for your missing teeth will eventually lead to a more serious oral health problem. At Braceport Dentistry, our top-notch implant systems and experienced implantologists can provide you with the most satisfying dental implants.

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Topmost priority to patient's health.
An integrated and holistic approach to dentistry.
Specialized dental professionals with international training.

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