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Over the course of many years in practice, experienced dentists at Braceport have honed their skills in their specialties, with highly trained dentists, they also provide general dentistry services in HSR Layout, Bangalore for our patients. General and preventive care form the basis of good oral health from which a beautiful smile can be built. Our general dentistry services are designed to keep your oral health in better condition.

Our dental clinic in HSR Layout, Bangalore can offer you treatments with ease. The high technology equipment and other things during the treatment are done very delicately to avoid any kind of discomfort. We look forward to giving you seamless treatment results and thus aim to deliver you the gorgeous smile.

Routine Cleaning and Exams – scan for cavities, treat any types of gum disease, keep teeth and gums healthy and clean. We will also provide restorations should we discover a cavity, chipped tooth, or a tooth that otherwise needs attention. During these exams, we also give you the proper diet for healthy teeth and how to have excellent home care.


Restorative Dentistry – when decay occurs or the destruction of a tooth warrants repair, restorative dentistry provides procedures to keep your mouth fit and healthy.

Periodontal Therapy – the number one reason that people have serious dental problems is un-diagnosed gum disease. This is why we offer the best in diagnosis, treatment, and even laser care to remedy gum disease, gingivitis, and periodontists.

Laser Therapy – used for a variety of reasons, including gum treatments, gum recontouring, and biopsies.

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