Braceport Dentistry: What separates us from other dental implant clinics?

To succeed, Braceport Dentistry has dedicated itself to providing quality service. The team of highly skilled dental professionals at Braceport Dentistry ensures you receive individualised treatment and care. Our commitment to you is to cure you. The dental equipment and technology we use at Braceport are up-to-date. Patient-centred dentistry is what we do, and we always keep you in mind when we provide dental services. We best orthodontists in hsr layout, bangalore follow an avant-garde sterilisation process so that you can relax.  

Why should you choose Braceport Dentistry for your dental care?

Depending on the patient’s jawbone health and specific needs, we provide several types of dental implants at Braceport. Find the types below.

Single-Stage Implant: 

An implant is surgically placed in the jaw in one stage in this implant service. The abutment and restoration are attached to the implant after months of healing in a procedure that does not require surgery. 

Two-Stage Implant:

An implant is placed on the jawbone and stitched to the gum tissue in this surgical procedure. 

Endosteal (Endosseous) Implant:

Using this method is the simplest for patients who have a healthy jawbone. In this procedure, placeholder posts, such as screw-shaped or cylinder-shaped, are placed on the jawbone. 

Zygomatic Implant:

For patients whose jawbone lacks strength, we place the implant on their cheekbones in this most complex implant procedure. 

Subperiosteal Implant:

This method places the implant above or above the jawbone but below the gum. Following this, a metal frame is placed under the gum to support the restoration. 

Braceport Dentistry, Best Clinic for Dental Implants in HSR Layout, stands out regarding dental implants.

Dental Implants:

If you avoid worrying about the gap of missing teeth for a prolonged period, you will eventually face a more severe dental problem. It is common for people to think about getting dentures, bridges, or crowns when they lose a tooth or multiple teeth. In comparison to dental implants, what do you think is better? With Braceport Dentistry, Top Dental Implants Clinic in HSR Layout, you can experience the most satisfactory dental implants with a top-notch implant system and experienced implantologists performing the surgery. 

How does this Best Dental Implant Clinic in HSR Layout differ from other dental offices?

The following services are available at our dental clinic when you need dental assistance:

  • We place a high priority on our patients’ health.
  • Dental care from a holistic perspective
  • Professionals with international training in dentistry.