What stages might you have to undergo during Dental Implant Surgery?

The dental implant is a surgical procedure involving multiple stages taking nearly 3 to 9 months. At Braceport, highly-qualified implantologists, periodontists, and oral surgeons team up to offer the best dental implant service.

Extraction and Evaluation

In this first step, a thorough evaluation of your gum, jaw, and teeth is done to check for any periodontal disease and the jawbone's strength. In case any damaged tooth is present, it is extracted.

Bone Graft

when a patient’s jawbone is soft or thin, bone grafting is done so that the jawbone, as a solid base, can support the implant.

Placing of the Implant

The implantologist cuts open your gum, exposing the jawbone. He then makes a deep hole in the bone and sets the dental implant metal post on it. A removable denture is placed on the post to improve your aesthetic look.


This is the process of jawbone growth around the implant to create a firm hold that will act as a strong base for the artificial teeth.

Placement of The Abutment

By means of minor surgery, our implantologist opens your gum tissue, attaches the abutment (a metal extender) to the implant, and again stitches the gum. Then it is given the time of nearly two weeks to heal.

Artificial Tooth Placement

Finally, our implantologist takes the impression of your teeth and allows you to choose between removable and fixed teeth. The former is mounted on a metal frame attached to the abutment, while the latter is cemented on the abutment.
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