What Helps Braceport Dentistry Stand Out as the Best Clinic for Dental Implants in HSR Layout?

Braceport Dentistry's dedication to its service is the key to its success. Braceport Dentistry ensures your personalised treatment and care by a number of highly skilled dental experts. Your cure is our commitment. Here, at Braceport, we make use of the most advanced technology and dental equipment. Our approach to dentistry is always patient-centred that keeps you in mind. You will feel relaxed to know how avant-garde sterilisation process we follow.

What services does Braceport Dentistry offer?

At Braceport, we offer several types of dental implant services based on the patient’s jawbone health and specific necessities. Find the types below.

Single-Stage Implant: In this implant service, we surgically place a long implant into a patient’s jaw. After months of healing, the abutment and restoration is attached to the implant without any surgery.

Two-Stage Implant: This is the surgical process of placing the implant onto the jawbone and stitching the gum tissue.

Endosteal (Endosseous) Implant: If you have a healthy jawbone, you can definitely go for this simplest implant method. In this, screw-shaped or cylinder-shaped placeholder posts are placed on the jaw.

Zygomatic Implant: In this most complex implant procedure, we place the implant on the cheekbone of those patients whose jawbone is not very strong.
Subperiosteal Implant: We place the implant on or above the jawbone but under the gum in this method. Then, a metal frame is placed under the gum that holds the restoration.

But, after all, we do excel in dental implants at the best clinic for dental implants in HSR Layout

Dental Implants: It is not a healthy choice to not bother about the gap of missing teeth for a prolonged period because that invites a more severe dental issue. More often than not, people think of getting dentures, bridges, or crowns as they lose one or more teeth in one way or another. But what’s better than dental implants? So, Braceport Dentistry hails you to have the best experience in dental implants with the top-notched implant system and surgery by experienced implantologists.

Why must you visit Braceport Dentistry in HSR Layout?

Do visit our dentistry when in need of dental help because we provide the following:
Priority to patient’s health
A holistic approach to dentistry
Internationally trained dental specialists.