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Invisalign aligners are known as clear aligners because these are transparent and custom made dental braces. The clear aligners are made of plastic material and are fabricated to fit each person’s mouth. These braces can blend in more with the natural color of the teeth because these are clear.

The treatment of Invisalign in HSR Layout, Bangalore is a technique of aligning your malaligned teeth and to give the teeth an ideal position which is used by dental professionals. However, the Invisalign treatment includes a set of clear plastic trays. These trays are used to fix over the teeth for achieving the exact position of your teeth.

Why Invisalign Braces?

‘Invisalign braces’ are an innovative approach that is used to gradually straighten your teeth using virtually invisible and removable clear aligners. The clear braces treatment by best Invisalign Doctor in HSR Layout, Bangalore is a hassle free option that will lead you to your confident smile. We are one of  best orthodontists in HSR layout, Bangalore. Invisalign braces are generally used for:

How Clear Aligners Differ From Traditional Braces?

The invisalign aligners help the patients maintain their regular lifestyle throughout the treatment which is not the case with traditional braces. Moreover, using clear braces also reduces the number of your dental clean visits due to wire breakage.

Hence, invisalign treatment is a patient friendly treatment modality. Plus, these braces also provide an Invisalign cleaning system so that you can maintain the hygiene. You can visit at Braceport dentistry for best orthodontists in hsr layout, bangalore.

Benefits of Clear Aligners

• Clear aligners are less irritable in comparison of other braces to the tissues like gums and cheeks.
• You can remove the invisaligners while eating or brushing. And these are also more comfortable and easier to clean than other kinds of braces.
• There are no food constraints as you can remove them while eating and there’s also no chance of staining or discoloration of teeth.
• And this treatment’s outcome is precise and faster because the whole procedure of getting invisalin is digitized and accurate.